Issue 42(1)

Issue 42 (1) master on-line

Editorial by Editor-in-Chief

Prof. Frank Stowell, President of UK Systems Society

Editorial to Issue 42(1)

Christine Welch, Managing Editor

Paper 1 – Impact of Slow Rhythmic Movement on State of Coherence and Integrative Wellbeing

Petia Sice, Laurie Rauch, Garry Elvin, Chirine Riachy, Lee Walton, Marianne Sice, Yilun Shang

Paper 2 -The Subtle-Energy-Body as a Self-Organising System: An Enquiry into the Lived-Experience of TCM Qigong Practitioners

Krystyna Krajewska

Paper 3 – An Online System for Consensus and Opinion Development in Human Networks

Garry Elvin, Yilun Shang, Chirine Riachy, Petia Sice, Angela Kennedy, Paras Patel, Ogochukwu Odinnuta

Paper 4 – Reframing social work assessment: Connecting spaces and people

Philip Heslop, Suzanne McGladdery, Petia Sice

Paper 5 – Online Action Research in the Time of COVID

Pavla Kramarova, Prof. Frank Stowell